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70% of Irish Professionals work longer than their contracted hours.


The 9 to 5 work day is long gone and professionals now are not only working longer than contracted to, but feel obligated to do so according to the Morgan McKinley Working Hours Survey Ireland 2014.
However, Irish professionals are good at ‘switching off’ with almost half refusing to use mobile devices for work when they leave the office. The Survey was carried out in September amongst 200 of Morgan McKinley’s clients in the areas of accounting & finance, financial services, tech, engineering, science and office support. Respondents were from all parts of Ireland with most being within range of the company’s offices in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.
According to Karen O’Flaherty, Morgan McKinley Ireland’s Chief Operations Officer, “over one-third of employers (36%) offer ‘working from home’ as an option while 44% offer flexible starting and finish times. For professional employees, 70% work longer than their contracted hours. Half of these work up to 5 hours more a week (or one hour a day) but the rest work at least an hour a day extra every single day.
“Many employees feel they don’t have a choice in the matter with 63% saying they are obligated to work extra. Employers looking to retain and attract talent need to mindful of this, especially since three-quarters of professionals saying their work-life balance is affected by working extra.”


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