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ICT Skills Key to Jobs Growth

The continuing strong demand from employers for people with high level ICT skills across the economy could lead to 44,500 new job openings arising from expansion and replacement demand over the next six years, according to a new report published by Forfás and the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs.  It is understood job openings will be for both new graduates and skilled professionals. The report, Addressing Future Demand for High-Level ICT Skills, just published forecasts the demand for high-level ICT skills up to 2018 within the ICT sector and across other sectors of the economy.

The Report’s publication comes against a background of strong competition for high-level ICT skills globally. It makes recommendations to ensure that Ireland maintains a strong competitive advantage when it comes to attracting mobile ICT investment and encouraging entrepreneurs to set up, grow and locate their ICT businesses in Ireland. Ensuring an adequate supply of creative and innovative ICT talent from both the domestic and international talent pool is key to that effort. <

In 2012, there were 68,280 ICT professionals working within the ICT sector and across other sectors of the economy. The report forecasts that there will be increased demand of on average 5% per annum for these high-level ICT skills up to 2018, increasing the employment of ICT professionals to 91,000.

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