Game Changer: Game-based Learning and the Future of L&D

Game Changer: Game-based Learning and the Future of L&D

If you’re not getting the kind of results you expect from your training, maybe your content is just a little too boring (sorry, somebody had to tell you). If you want something that can actually deliver your objectives, you need to think really hard about engagement. 

Engagement is the measure of how committed an employee is to their job. Lack of engagement is one of the biggest challenges faced by all organisations today. Even though engaged employees perform 202% better than disengaged employees, 71% of employees are not fully engaged.

 Despite the evidence, organisations have been slow to improve engagement in almost every area of business. The good news is that, when it comes to learning and development, and poor engagement is an easy problem to solve with the power of learning games!

Learning games are the key to unlocking maximum engagement from your training content. Instead of subjecting your learners to passive eLearning, learning games demand interaction at every point.



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