Key Imperatives for HR in 2016

Key Imperatives for HR in 2016

Significant advances in technology, access to people and information, and shifting motivations have changed the way employees learn today. As a result, L&D functions are changing their approaches to learning and development.

“Action breeds confidence and courage. Go out and get busy.” So advises Dale Carnegie in his best-selling self-help book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. These days, in a work environment defined by constant change, it’s not hard to get—and stay—busy.

In the past three years, the typical organization has undertaken five enterprise changes— intentional changes that affect significant parts of the organization and that aim to improve financial and/or operational metrics (e.g., M&A, culture change, leadership transition, organizational restructuring). And for nearly three-quarters of those organizations, the amount of change has been decidedly more than they’ve ever dealt with in such a short time.



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