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Pendulum Summit

IITD is delighted to partner on the first international business and self-empowerment summit in Ireland takes place on January 9th at the Convention Centre, Dublin. Col Chris Hadfield, Canadian Astronaut, Jack Black, Personal Development Expert, Barry O'Sullivan, Senior VP Cisco Systems, Dr Frank Dick, and host of others will demonstrate how they use a combination of hard work, innovation, inspir... Read More
Trends in Talent Management

Trends in Talent Management

Professor Thomas Garavan discussed trends in talent management and referred to the imbalance between potential and performance, where potential receives far less less attention than performance. The core agilities identified to define potenital are: Emotional agility; Learning agility and Strategy agility. Sinead Gaynor from Dublin Airport Authority spoke about talent management s... Read More

Minister Launch

The first in a series of new IITD Connects seminars for members was opened by Ciaran Cannon TD, Minister for Training & Skills at the Clarion Hotel Liffey Valley on 4th December. The seminar: Talent Management, A Key to Competitive Advantage, included a presentation by Professor Thomas Garavan on trends and issues in talent management, challenges for varying organisations and best practice in ... Read More
New IITD Website Launched

New IITD Website Launched

IITD lauched it’s new logo,website and new services to members at the first IITD Connects seminar on 4th December in Dublin. The new professional membership offerings are based on a year of solid research into international trends and in-depth consultations with members from around the country.  The IITD unveiled its new branding with a contemporary new logo and website and also announ... Read More
ICT Skills Key to Jobs Growth

ICT Skills Key to Jobs Growth

The continuing strong demand from employers for people with high level ICT skills across the economy could lead to 44,500 new job openings arising from expansion and replacement demand over the next six years, according to a new report published by Forfás and the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs.  It is understood job openings will be for both new graduates and skilled professionals... Read More


A wide-ranging Review of apprenticeships and other work-based education/training schemes in Ireland is currently underway. The review, ordered by Minister Ruairi Quinn, will include possible changes to the current apprenticeship model, the type of occupations covered by apprenticeships and traineeships, funding mechanisms, governance structures and alternative or complementary models of work-base... Read More


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