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Highlights from the latest issue 


Tapping into the Hidden Workforce 
Finding hidden talent and encouraging them back into the workforce is a challenge that Abodoo and the Skillnet ReBoot programme is tackling head-on.

IITD National Training Awards 2019 
Over 500 L&D professionals attended the honouring of the best of the profession at the Killashee Hotel in March. Warm congratulations to SuperValu & Centra, winners of the overall prize this year.

Interview: Mike Doyle, COO, Kerry Group
A new series in association with CIMA investigating the strategic value of L&D to the C-Suite and to business strategy.

IITD National L&D Conference 
Over 250 L&D professionals attended IITD’s conference at Croke Park exploring the theme of Thrive & Grow – Transforming L&D to deliver business impact 

Investing in a Skilled Workforce – Policy Update 

Celebrating 50 years of the IITD 
The IITD was born in April 1969 by a hard-working bunch of volunteers who had a vision of the future.




Highlights from the previous issue


Small Business: Trends in Training

What are the skills deficits in Irish SMEs and what are stakeholders’ priorities regarding training and development?


Next Generation BioProcessing

We speak to John Milne, Director of Training at the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training about a new training centre for Biopharma opened in June, a joint initiative between GE Healthcare and NIBRT

Leadership teams: Formula for success
Did you know there is an ideal number of people in effective teams? The effectiveness of any team can now be reliably assessed and improved, says the author, who presents a formula for success.

The Burnout Problem
Research suggests that burnout is most likely to be caused by factors within the control of the organisation, such as the design of work. Find out why the preventative approach works.

Psychometric Testing: Myths debunked

Are you a fan of assessments and testing? Whatever we think, psychometrics are well established, especially in recruitment. Some of the most popular myths are tackled here.

Smart Business:

The keys to keeping graduates?


IITD National Training Awards 2017

Congrats to Bank of Ireland LearningZone, winners of the overall award this year –find out which organisations won category awards and see everyone looking fab and glam at the gala awards celebration!

New rules for HR in the digital age

Drawing on insights from Deloitte’s fifth annual Global Human Capital Trends survey, this article discusses how the HR function is moving towards operating in a digital way and how organisations can support this trend towards digital transformation in the workplace.

Future Focus: Martin Shanahan, CEO, IDA Ireland

What is the role of talent in Ireland’s success in attracting the biggest global brands? Is current education and training fit for purpose and what is his thinking on Brexit.

Sowing the seeds of learning in SMEs

From early intervention to tips on getting to know your client, the author explains how strategic learning plans can really work in training growth-focused SME owners.

Sharing knowledge key to competitive edge, Want to get serious about your performance and competitiveness?

Thomas Garavan, Fergal O’Brien and Vivienne Kiernan give you the insider view on how to leverage that all-important tacit knowledge.

The rise of teams

There is an inexorable rise of teams:what  are the benefits for business and how will those who get ahead of the game, stay ahead?


Socialmedia has a valuable role in developing skills in larger groups.

Neuroscience of Selling

The brain automatically connects the perception of the salesperson and the company. So if buyers trust the salesperson, that trust will be transferred to the company. A new book explains how to harness this science in selling.



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