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Creating elearning content on a budget

With a bit of ingenuity, eLearning professionals can make a little go a long way. Here are a few top tips for getting the most out of your eLearning resources, so that you can cut development costs without sacrificing quality.


The Further Education & Training Services Plan 2015

The Further Education and Training (FET) Services Plan for 2015 sets out the range and volume of provision that will be provided by the FET sector in 2015 within the grant allocated to SOLAS by the Department of Education and Skills.


National Skills Bulletin 2015

‘Expert Group shows intensifying of Skill Shortages’

A number of our members who have recently completed research have generously agreed to share it with the IITD Membership.


An Investigation into the effect of Emotional Intelligence on Performance at Work and Career Advancement: Jennifer McEvoy

This study examined whether emotional intelligence (EI) has an influence on an individual’s level of performance at work and their career advancement within an organisation in a below manager population. The sample consisted of 132 adult employees working mainly in below manager roles in a leading financial institution. The study utilised the Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) to measure EI along with demographic information and measures for performance, career advancement and educational attainment. Statistical analysis of the results indicated that emotional intelligence was positively correlated with both an individual’s performance and career advancement, however I did not influence career advancement to a greater degree than intelligence as hypothesised.

Work Life Balance - A Comparative Study of EU Countries concentrating on Family Related Leave: Michaela McCarthy

This Management Research report seeks to outline, analyse and compare the provisions of family related leave, concentrating on parental leave, as a work life balance instrument in four EU countries - Sweden, Italy, Germany and Ireland.  The main objective of the comparison is to determine the differences and present them to working parents in Ireland to see if their implementation would possibly make the Irish parental leave policies more desirable.


What effect does Performance Management have on Motivation in the Irish Civil Service?: Angela Sheppard

This study examined whether there is a link between Performance Management and Motivation. Literature on these topics was researched. The sample surveyed consisted of 150 Civil Servants of various grades in a government department. The study utilised a Quantitative Questionnaire. Analysis of the results indicated that respondents did not perceive that an individual would be motivated by Performance Management as hypothesised. As this research was conducted in a Civil Service setting, future research in the Private Sector may produce different results.


UFHRD 2015 Keynote's - Proudly Sponsored by IITD

UFHRD 2015


Sandra Robinson - Title of Keynote: The Role of Trust in HRD: Research Evidence on Trust that Might Surprise You

Michael Morley - Title of Keynote: Evidence-Based Cross-Cultural Management

David Collings - Title of Keynote: Talent Management and Human Resource Development

Aidan Lawrence - Title of Keynote: The Relationship between Research and Practice – A Practitioner Perspective