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Our Panel of Experts includes Subject Matter Experts, Business Administration Experts and Student Support Experts.

Mentoring Panel

Our Panel of Mentors consists of experienced professionals who will assist (gratis) those who can benefit from individual guidance for a defined period.


New Trends and Insights

Knowledge in the area of professional training and development is not static. We face ever-changing, open-ended and often complex challenges. That’s why the IITD is always on the lookout for new trends and fresh thinking.


Essential Resources

We add new material to our Essential Resources regularly, so keep checking.
If there’s anything that you’re keen to see included, please let us know.


T&D Magazine

Our magazine is packed with news, features, advice, information and coverage of the issues that most interest or concern our members. It covers the art and science of developing people and the systems they work in, highlights proven practices and emerging trends, and advances new thinking. 

Previous Events

To view a recording or to access resources from any of our previous events, just go to our Calendar of Events and click into the event cell where everything is uploaded for you.