Succeeding as an Introvert in an Extrovert's World

Is Introversion a Problem That Needs to be Fixed?


Introverts often get a bad rap; antisocial, socially awkward, quiet, shy, and intense. Contrast this with the image of an extrovert; charismatic, assertive, dynamic, decisive and confident. Research even states that extroverts are happier and more successful.  Who do you want to lead within your organisation?


Navigating the choppy waters of corporate culture requires a skill set that encompasses resilience, mental toughness, good communication, confidence and self-promotion, all of which introverts can struggle with.


From the introverted employee who feels they can’t speak up at a meeting, the employee who won’t put herself forward for promotion, the colleagues who don’t speak because of different conflict management styles, or the employee who wears headphones all day disconnected with the group because the environment is overwhelming, the ramifications and potential cost to an organisation is enormous.


However, over the past decade as we have learned more about neuroscience, we have come to realise that introversion is not a negative trait but merely a different way of processing our external world. In this presentation we will address the myths of introversion, understand its’ impact on individual and organisational life and identify skills and strategies to uncover the quiet powers of introversion within your organisation.


Speaker 1
Aoife is the owner of Inside Strategies and describes herself as a social introvert. With twenty years in business, as a business owner and lecturer she struggled to achieve the extrovert ideal. Now as a Trainer and Consultant she promotes positive workplaces (virtual or otherwise) designed to support all personality types. In her work she coaches introverts in business, works with organisations to design inclusive people and culture strategies and provides workshops and consulting support to promote positive workplaces.
  Thursday 12th March 2020
  7.45AM - 10.00AM
  The Connacht Hotel