Achieving Accountability for Learning in Your Organisation

Accountability for Learning


Dr. Monica Murphy spent 4 years researching this topic for her PhD. It’s a topic she is passionate about given the billions of euro that are spent on training, learning and development interventions each year.  Monica will be talking about accountability for learning in firms and how that can be achieved.  It is a more modern take on the old-fashioned models of Kirkpatrick and Phillips both of which can be more suited to a large company.  The most common type of company in Ireland is a small or micro.


Come along to hear what Dr. Murphy has to say on her findings in terms of what we can do to ensure more accountability and responsibility for learning at work. Demonstrating a return on investment has always been a challenge in this area but there are ways that we can leverage technology to ensure that we are able to monitor and measure the impact that an intervention may have had.


  Tuesday 25th February 2020
  7.45AM - 10.00AM
  The Kingsley Hotel