The Rise and Power of Team Coaching

Distinctly different from one-to-one coaching, team coaching helps to forge high-performance teams capable of taking on the shifting needs of business. Whilst team coaching currently represents just 9% of overall coaching delivered, it is precisely this type of coaching which is expected to grow most strongly over the coming years (6th Ridler Report).Team coaching is a very necessary game changer in building team capability to address the heightened need for collaboration and to guide organisations through change. This workshop with Tony Shone & Louise Mc Namara of Invisio will address the confusion of what team coaching is and how it differs from other team interventions, help you to identify when a team is ready for team coaching, give examples of what a team coaching intervention might look like and what to expect in terms of it's power to disrupt and change team relations and performance. The workshop will also look at some of the team diagnostic tools available and delve into how team work and what you can do to support them to achieve their potential. This workshop is both informative and practical.


·        Have a clear understanding of what team coaching is and how it differs from team facilitation, team building and group coaching

·        Consider the potential of team coaching

·        Know what stage Team Coaching is in its development globally and in Ireland

·        Know when a team is ready for team coaching and when it is not and a different intervention is more appropriate

·        Have enhanced understanding of teams and what you can do to support them to achieve their potential

·        Know how to identity an potentially appropriate team coach for your team and how the contracting process works in team coaching

·        Learn about just some of the team diagnostic tools that support team coaching engagement




Speaker 1
Tony Shone & Louise Mc Namara, Directors of Invisio are amongst the limited number of qualified and experienced team coaches in Ireland. Having worked with senior teams across organisations for more than 20 years, and been involved in one to one and group coaching for as long, Tony, Louise and the Invisio team, have continually been fascinated by exploring the untapped potential of teams. Whilst team facilitation has been powerful in bringing a team to a specific place in a way that they could not have achieved on their own, and team building has brought tangible results in the early stages of team development and when the team has hit an obstacle, Invisio were looking for more and this came in the form of team coaching. The expertise of the Invisio team, led by Tony & Louise, lies in unleashing potential of teams and individuals to enable organisational strategy and ways of working. This is delivered through facilitation, learning and development solutions and coaching. Working across sectors and levels, the Invisio team have developed more than 75,000 individuals and upward of 500 teams. Clients include organisation in sectors such as pharma, medical devices, finance and banking, hospitality, universities, manufacturing, retail, food and drink, health care, and technology. Organisation sizes worked with vary from 10 to 18,000. Tony has an MBA from the renowned Henley Business School and Louise has a Masters in Organisation Behaviour from Trinity. For more information:
  Wednesday 12th February 2020
  7.45AM - 10.00AM
  Ulster Bank