The Role of L&D in the Performance Conversation

How L&D can take Lead in Future of Work

MIT Research shows between 70-80% of businesses are now trying to reinvent their Business Models. The requirement to adapt and upskill faster than ever before places the role of Learning and Development at the epicentre of Organisation Change.

John Fitzgerald is passionate about preparing People and Organisations for the Future of Work, so they are Future Ready - Now! He will share what skills are being automated and what skills will be invaluable in the future of work.  He will also demonstrate how to use a 3-Dimensional 'Future of Work Model' for L&D to influence CEOs and leadership teams on the business case to create learning cultures.

At the start of this the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the external environment is rapidly changing, organisations are being disrupted and individuals are trying to make sense of new ways of working.

“Now, more than ever, business leaders need to create Learning Organisations to attract and retain talent," says John. "The rules for career success have changed with new technologies disrupting traditional siloed career pathways. Today, what is required is a new career paradigm that rewards those who are willing to adapt, relearn and reskill to meet changing demands. This requires a paradigm shift in how learning and development is perceived and here lies the opportunity for the L&D community." 



Speaker 1
John Fitzgerald is a highly experienced Executive Coach, authentic speaker and author. He has coached hundreds of Senior Executives across all functions and many industry sectors in the past 19 years. He has built Harmonics from a start-up 13 years ago to a team of over 30 coaches and change consultants. He is also the Managing Partner in Ireland for OI Global Partners a global career consultancy partnership with 225 offices across 28 offices worldwide. His passion is working with organisations and individuals to help them anticipate change and become future proof. John brings commercial acumen as a multiple business founder. He has set up Harmonics Career Crafting; Harmonics Recruitment; The Future Career Readiness Index and co-founded Harmonics Financial and This enables Harmonics Group to provide a holistic approach to enabling individuals within organisations to self-manage their personal, leadership, career and financial futures.
  Thursday 16th January 2020
  7.45AM - 10.00AM
  The Galmont Hotel