Leading L&D's Response to Digital Talent Trends

Digital is the main reason just over half of the companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000' according to the late Pierre Nanterme, former CEO of Accenture.  The business landscape is changing, new technologies are disrupting how businesses operate. How will you support your business partners and clients to meet emerging challenges and opportunities? In this session, you will see that we have entered the 4th industrial revolution, identify emerging opportunities/challenges and identify ways to address the emerging talent gap.



Speaker 1
Robert Farrell is a senior lecturer in the Griffith College school of business. He is responsible for delivering engaging and thought provoking classes, designing robust assessment methods and supporting the academic advancement of Griffith College. His areas of interest include Digital Marketing, Disruptive Technology and his current research explores the role of Digital Transformation in shaping business growth. Robert is also a judge for several industry awards including the Spider awards, Digital Media awards and the Education awards.
  Tuesday 05th November 2019
  8.00AM - 10.00AM
  Cork International Hotel