Using Digital Tools as Enablers of Learning

Over the past 20 years, most of the conversation regarding digital transformation in learning has focused on the use of technology as a means of distribution and latterly as a tool for curation and exploration. However, this focus on digital distribution does little to address the problems that the C-suite experiences with learning: How do we build a pipeline of leaders who can lead the organisation into the future and how do we create a workforce with the capabilities necessary to compete effectively in the new world of work?
In order to do this, we need to focus even more assiduously on developing new capabilities and creating behavioural change.  We also need to consider whether technology has a role to play as an enabler of learning and if technology can create new ways of learning and enhance learning transfer?
Join Kevin Hannigan and Fergal O’Connor of hpc as they address these issues to bring a profoundly different perspective to the use of technology to enhance learning. During the presentation, Kevin and Fergal will discuss:
• The four generations of training methodologies
• Achieving learning outcomes v real life application of learning
• Using technology to create new ways of learning and to enhance learning transfer
• Case studies on how technology has enhanced learning transfer.
At the end of this interactive session, you will leave understanding how technology can play a major role in enabling learning and understand how to use digital to address some of the biggest challenges L&D professionals are facing: manager engagement, measuring on the job application and ROE.


Speaker 1
Kevin Hannigan is Head of Talent Consulting at hpc where he advises blue-chip Irish and International clients on how to improve their organisational performance through their people.
Speaker 2
Fergal O’Connor is a facilitator at hpc where he leads the development and delivery of a number of strategic development programmes that have accelerated organisational performance through their innovative approach to learning transfer.
  Tuesday 10th September 2019
  8.00AM - 10.00AM
  The Spencer Hotel