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Leading the L&D Function


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This four-day programme from the IITD is designed for existing and aspiring heads of the function dedicated to the strategic development of people in an organisation. Regardless of whether your function is described as Talent, Organisational Development, Organisational Capability, Learning or plain old Training, this programme seeks to help you answer the following questions:


  • How do I gain support for my agenda?
  • What are the most appropriate development strategies to drive performance?
  • How can technology help me?
  • How do I evaluate and demonstrate success to the business?
  • How do I promote myself and my function across the business?


The audience for the Leading The L&D Function programme should ideally be drawn from those who are currently or aspire to manage the learning function within their organisation, or for those who wish to re-position the learning function within their organisation as a key strategic enabler.







Talent Management in Organisations & Essential Tools

Talent Management is Defined as:
A dynamic, on-going process of systematically identifying, assessing, and developing talent for future critical roles to ensure continuity and effective organizational performance. (Garavan, 2012)


The objectives of this two-day programme will be to help Learning & Development Professionals:

  • Define what 'talent' and 'talent management' means in their organisation
  • Build an effective talent strategy that is aligned with their business strategy and industry direction
  • Understand the identification of talent at all levels in the organisation
  • Provide expertise in developing talent management processes, activities and tracking that fit the organisation's culture and capacity
  • Equip leaders and managers in the organisation to engage, develop, stretch and retain talent
  • Advise on the design and implementation of mentoring schemes
  • Design and deliver development programmes that ensure talented employees maximise their potential in the organisation



Strategic Business Partnering Skills for L&D Professionals


Upcoming programmes (each programme runs over four days):

October 6th, October 13th and October 20th

As your career progresses, it is imperative to shift from “order-taking” and driving L&D initiatives on your own to a genuine partnership with the business.  But this shift takes time, a new set of capabilities and a change in how you interact with the business.  At its heart, this new approach means helping your internal client to sort out the root causes of performance problems rather than simply providing a training solution. To be a true and effective partner you must act as a mirror for the client to help them clearly see their own problems. This enables a true partnership that develops the most appropriate solutions, delivering real benefit to the business.


This three-day programme, designed in partnership with IITD and hpc, will provide you with the practical tools and capabilities to reposition the L&D function within the business and to allow you to ask the questions that will drive solutions. Using a mixture of the latest research, case-studies and real-play techniques, this programme will accelerate your shift to a strategic partner within the business.



The Future of L&D for Learning Professionals


This programme is an innovative and pragmatic development course custom-built for you by Trainers' Learning Skillnet, IITD and the team at Harvest. This programme is designed to help people working in L&D future-proof their essential skills and competencies to continue to succeed in the ever-changing landscape of work and learning.


This four-day learning experience is endorsed by the IITD and is delivered using a combination of classroom learning, virtual classrooms, self-guided online learning and social learning.
The Strategic Business Partnering for L&D Professional programme is facilitated by our expert team, who are experienced learning specialists all with practitioner experience from both within organisations and as consultants.