Certificate & Diploma in Learning & Development Practice

The role of the Learning & Development professional is constantly evolving and your organisation and trainees have different and higher expectations of what you will provide for them. There has been an accelerated pace of change both in terms of subject matter expertise and pedagogical application in this area resulting in a heightened need to engage in continuous professional development. This programme will enable you to build on your existing knowledge of Training & Development to ensure that your training strategies and interventions continue to be innovative and challenging.

Founded in theory and focused on practice and application, the Diploma in Learning & Development Practice is a unique offering that covers the entire process of delivering training, including assessment, preparation, creating a positive learning environment, facilitating learning, and evaluating learning. It will also provide a comprehensive understanding of Establishing and Running an Effective Organisational Coaching System, and IT/Social Media in Training.

The programme will provide a progression route to the Higher Diploma in Learning, Development and Work-based Training (level 8) and onwards to the Masters in Learning and Development Consultancy (level 9).


Certificate in Career Needs Assessment, Planning & Support for Work

With rising levels of unemployment and intervention demands arising for those on an exit route from employment (due to redundancy and the lack of employment sustainability), personnel with the remit of training and development in support of the unemployed have found themselves dealing with a disparate grouping of individuals.  Particular challenge is being faced in meeting the needs of unemployed professionals i.e. those who have held a long-standing professional career prior to unemployment.

In association with the Irish Institute of Training and Development (IITD), the Certificate in Career Needs Assessment, Planning and Support for Work provides an opportunity for training providers (both private and state body), Career Advisors / Counsellors providing services to the unemployed or those in the process of exiting employment to engage in continuous professional development (CPD) in order to better respond to new challenges in this field.

For students pursuing the full Certificate this is an intensive 9 month programme providing comprehensive coverage of the identification of training needs of the unemployed through the application of formal needs analysis processes within a supportive and counselling framework. The student will acquire a sound understanding of the role of employment to an individual’s identity and standing in society. Key trends in occupations in Ireland are examined in unison with an appreciation for the current and projected future contexts