Managing Remote Workers Training

To register your interest for this course please contact the IITD/Trainers' Learning Skillnet team on 045-881166.

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This programme is 2 x 3-hour workshops


The Opportunity

We have learned a lot about managing remote teams in recent times. Many of us were thrown into it with little or no pre-planning. Managers had to pick up a lot of the pieces and run with delivering for the organisation at the same time. Individuals struggled to adapt while working from home and juggling work and home at the same time. It is time now to take a step back and process what has happened for managers, personally, in our role as a manager and within our teams, and plan where to go from here.


It started as a crisis. It became a sprint to ‘survive’ and now it is time to look to the marathon and focus on ‘thriving’, as individuals, managers, teams and organisations. But we can’t sprint a marathon. During these workshops managers will take time to reflect on what has been learned, what to take forward and what to leave behind. And start to think about what the future looks like and how to get there.


In these workshops managers of teams will get the opportunity to:

  1. Reflect on their journey since March 2020 and make decisions about what to keep and let go of in how they are themselves, have led during this time and their team’s journey
  2. Think about the skill and mind sets they need as managers to thrive managing remote teams and how to develop these
  3. Build skills to succeed in managing remote teams including engagement, trust, building relationships, adapting to different personalities, productivity, managing remote meetings, learning in a remote setting and sweating the technology to get what you and your team need and want to thrive


To maximise learning and transfer this programme will include:


  1. short pre work so that learners come already engaged with the learning
  2. a simple activity between modules to begin creating new habits
  3. a focused personal action plan
  4. a toolkit of practical resources to support managing remote teams
  5. nudge messages to learners in the 28 days after the workshops
  6. an optional action learning set one month after the workshops to share and explore with other learners


To register for this course please contact the IITD/Trainers' Learning Skillnet team on 045-881166.