The importance of self-care planning for trainers


by Michael O'Toole


Self-care planning to build personal resilience is a key life skill that has never been more important than in the modern world of work and life. It is a skill used to promote wellbeing and prevent burnout. The skill needs to be integrated into individual and organisational life. No matter what stage of a life you are currently at or what your current life and work roles are, you can always benefit from checking in with yourself and “spot check” your wellness or give yourself an NCT on your wellbeing.


The training role is one that requires an eclectic mix of competencies and can present many challenges. In addition to the standard requirement for the trainer competencies of planning, design delivery and evaluation of training programmes, the trainer also needs managerial skills to manage the training programme and environment, manage participant needs, conflict resolution, admin manager and many more.


In the COVID-19 era the role presents the additional technical challenges of using different platforms, training remotely and can be quite isolating. Although we are heading into a new normal, the various hybrid models and future ways of working will ensure that these challenges will continue.


Prioritising and take ownership of your self - care has never been more important. Creating your own unique plan is a key factor in managing not only work life but also personal life. The motivation and commitment to the process is a key factor in achieving optimum wellness in all of our lives.


While this may sound like simple common sense the fact is that common sense often takes a back seat to the pressures of work and life. Take a step back for a few minutes and think about your own self - care journey. Do you have a plan? Is it progressing? Do you review it and tweak it to meet you changing needs and circumstances as you do with training plans?  For trainer professionals there is a real head start bonus here.


The trainer’s head start

The discipline to implementing a personal and unique self – care planning process is often the biggest challenge in getting up and running. However for the trainer this discipline is applied daily in your trainer role. The question is can you do it for yourself in relation to self - care planning?


A well prepared plan with flexible options built in to suit your unique needs for your work life balance can improve mind and body, relationships that you are in, your resilience, your career prospects and provide a genuine “win-win” for you.


Five Ways to wellbeing – an excellent tool to “spot check” your wellness

The five ways to wellbeing are recognised across the globe as key factors to include in the implementation of an effective self-care plan. They enable us to enhance our emotional intelligence and can create an overall improved balance when a plan to suit your individual needs is chosen. Whether you have a plan in place, or you are revisiting your wellness journey, or just want to make positive change to your balance, the five ways to wellbeing is a good starting point.






Finally, many millions across the world choose January each year to ring in the changes. Why not be ahead of the curve and start today?!






Michael O’Toole is an IITD member since 1995. He is a stress management specialist, psychotherapist and coach practitioner, and is Director of Occupational Wellness Services (OWS)

OWS are a provider of employee support services for organisations and professionals on an individual basis. Self-care planning workshops and individual one-to-one coaching are key proven OWS services and can be tailored to suit the needs for organisations and individual professionals as required.

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