Pitching, Presenting, Public Speaking

Pitching, Presenting, Public Speaking

Over the past wee while I have delivered lots of sessions on pitching and presenting, which has been hugely enjoyable (at least for me). From one-to-one with senior people, through small group facilitation and feedback sessions, individuals in many sectors have had my version of tough love that's aimed at making better presenters.

The final gig on pitching was last night to 300 Enterprise students at the University of Strathclyde, who will shortly be pitching their ideas for real to some well kent entrepreneurs. It was only an hour, in a big room, a short walk from the Department of Architecture and Building Science, where I spent six happy years in the 1980s, a fact that provided my opening story. It was a blast, with an impromptu half hour after fielding questions from a group hungry to find out how to be better when one in front of many.

An hour is no time at all, so rather than give them what I thought they wanted, I asked them what they really wanted to know about pitching.

Here's what they asked… and how I answered:



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