4 Ways You Can Entice New Employees

4 Ways You Can Entice New Employees

Many businesses, especially start-ups with little money to invest in recruitment, are finding it difficult to attract candidates because they aren’t accessing the right channels, are offering poor/uncompetitive rates, or simply don’t have a lot to offer a prospective new employee. Many people searching for jobs will want to work for an established, reputable and reliable company, and if it’s just you or only a couple of you in a start up firm, it might be difficult convincing job hunters that you’re offering the real deal. So, here are a few tips you could consider to attract more candidates to your job roles:

Write an informative job description: Make sure you write up a proper job description, including everything that the candidate might be expected to do, the hours required, any extra conditions such as occasional overtime they may be required to work, the pay (you can just write ‘competitive’ at this stage – but make sure it is) and so on.

Make sure it all looks professional: Everything you write or send out must be professional looking. Brand everything - as best you can (especially if you don’t have a marketing person on board yet!) And check simple things like spelling and grammar. A prospective candidate might judge you on these initial documents/job adverts so take your time on it!

Offer a little more: The job market is competitive, for employers as much as job hunters. So, make sure you offer your employees a little extra where you can. Think outside the box. Is there a staff room that employees can go and kick back in their lunch hour? How about putting a ping pong table in it? Have a look at this article which describes the best perks offered by some UK companies. Could you offer a joining bonus, extra holiday allowance, employee discounts, or free healthy snacks?

There is so much you could offer which doesn’t cost you a lot, but which does make a lot of difference to a job hunter. It could really make you stand out if you offer free fruit baskets, for example. Fruitful Office, a UK fruit delivery company, said that employers tell them that 79% of staff said the free fruit made them feel more valued as an employee. Not only this, but they also said that they found an 11% increase in staff agreeing that their workplace "enabled them to work more productively" following the introduction of fruit to the office. What have you got to lose?

Choose social media: Social media is free and very accessible. Use your company’s Facebook page or Twitter account to advertise jobs and get the word out there. If you’re not sure how to use it, use free online guides (do a simple search) and you’ll find step by step instructions. Try and spread the word as best you can – ask friends and family to share your posts to gain more attention.

Peter Unitt is a freelance business consultant who works with many Irish and UK based businesses. Part of his work consists of promoting happy and motivated staff by creating a positive working environment


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