The Engaged Employee – Why We Need Them NOW More Than Ever

By Danny Sheahan   There is an often quoted account of President John F Kennedy’s visit to the NASA space centre in 1962, whereby the President meets a janitor and asks, “What is it that you do?”.  The janitor re... Read More

Internal Mobility: What is it and why is it trending?

Insights on how an Internal Mobility strategy can deliver your businesses technical skills’ requirements and reduce its reliance on external recruitment. By Mary Connaughton, Code Institute     We’re hearing a ... Read More

Customer stories trump customer satisfaction

It’s not the customer satisfaction score that matters it is your customer’s stories about the memory of their experience that really counts.   By Betty Nerney What is Customer Experience (CX) or Customer Experience Excellenc... Read More


    By Aoife Lenox   The question I get asked the most is probably: "What is an introvert?" Introverts themselves often don’t know they are introverts. I didn’t understand myself until a few years ago.   When a... Read More

The Rise & Power of Team Coaching – Part 2 of 2

        By Louise McNamara, Director, Invisio   In part one of this two-part series, Louise McNamara explored the rise of teams in organisation structures and what a high-performing team looks like, before going on to c... Read More
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