Top Ways Leaders Can Bring Organisational Values to Life

  By Scott McInnes, Founder, Inspiring Change Organisational values are the lifeblood of your enterprise. They add colour, context and, most importantly of all, meaning to what you and your teams achieve. An organisation without value... Read More

The ‘Hybrid Paradox’

      What Does the Post-Pandemic Worker Really Want?   By Philip McGillycuddy   The great ‘Return to the Workplace’ arm-wrestle continues to trundle along at a seemingly glacial place&h... Read More

The importance of self-care planning for trainers

  by Michael O'Toole   Self-care planning to build personal resilience is a key life skill that has never been more important than in the modern world of work and life. It is a skill used to promote wellbeing and prevent burnou... Read More

Measuring The Next New Normal

  By Niamh Gaffney, Executive Coach, KinchLyons     As we navigate yet another new world - that of successful hybrid working - we are once again thrown into ambiguity and flux. Our focus is necessarily on the logistics of m... Read More

Mental Fitness: How to Thrive During Challenging Times

by Kathleen Fanning     Coaches and trainers are always upskilling and building up their knowledge base to serve their clients better. In recent years, the whole area of neuroscience has caught our imagination with the wonderfu... Read More
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