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Highlights from the latest issue

Industry Rising:Training & Development in the Film and Animation Industry
Nine Oscar nominations and StarWars in Donegal and Kerry - the Irish audio-visual industry is in a good place. Behind the scenes,what's happening to develop people and skills?
Mary-Rose O’Sullivan

A New Era for Apprenticeships
Ambitious targets have been set for apprenticeships to offer an accredited alternative to the traditional academic route to qualifications. A look at two new non-craft apprenticeships
Mary-Rose O'Sullivan & Sandra Harvey-Graham

Smart Business
How to pitch your training or consultancy to a prospective client
Orlaith Carmody

Team Effectiveness Research
TEAMS2015 is an international research project in a partnership with Dublin City University and The 2C Company. It is now recruiting for phase two of its work.
Noel Caffrey

Bring out the Best
NSAI’s Excellence Through People framework is designed to bring out the best in employees
Michelle Browne