If you are an Organisation Development Manager and have a question relating to an OD challenge or if you would appreciate a sounding board to confirm that your potential action will succeed whether it is executive level or at the front line; please use our expert panel to assist. 

Change is a constant in any organisation. Whether it is change in the current economy or a change in the way you choose to do business it all comes back to being able to successfully manage these shifts. Our expert panel will help you to identify a sustainable solution for your organisation whatever the change.



Expert Bio 
Kevin Hannigan is a Director of Mast Ireland who have helped businesses become more successful by raising the performance of their people for over 30 years. In his role in Mast, Kevin leads the Learning and Talent Consulting offering, helping clients develop the infrastructure that supports the effective development of their people. This can include the design and development of revised L&D strategies, revised performance management processes, talent identification and succession planning. Prior to joining Mast, Kevin led the L&D functions for C&C Ireland (now Britvic) and Matheson where his work was recognised with four IITD awards.